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Alain M. noted on Google

An excellent Korean restaurant. Menu is simple and dishes are tasty. Bibimbaps are served in a hot pot, team is professional and dedicated. Don't miss that address.

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Margot c. noted on Google

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Claire L. noted on Google

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Barbara V. noted on Google

Le meilleur sur Paris. (Translated by Google) The best in Paris.

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Marie-Laure C. noted on Google

Amabilité, efficacité, grand choix, cadre agréable prix raisonnables (Translated by Google) Friendliness, efficiency, great choice, pleasant surroundings reasonable prices

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Anaïs L. noted on Google

(Translated by Google) Fast and warm service and delicious bimbimbaps and ramens! (Original) Un service rapide et chaleureux et de délicieux bimbimbaps et ramens !

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Chris Jaemin M. noted on Google

(Translated by Google) ㅇ ㅣ Goong-eung It's soon that Hyuk-wook-ying is very active. I'm really afraid that the French will be in trouble. In short, it is 짴 햔 쉭돵. If you're young, it's easy to go. Manufan is also really cheesy. 먓 Sweep the shampooing, which is also a matchup. The restaurant sells delicious mixed foods that are not sheltered. 2Hyo-Jun seems to have recently opened here ^^ The creation of the people was very difficult. (Original) ㅇㅣ 곶응 쭝꾸욱잉이 웅연한는 곧입니다. 후랑스인들이 햔귝에 댸햐여 오헤 할까봐 정말 꺾정입ㅂ니다. 짧게말해 짴퉁 햔쉭돵 입니다. 당신이 햔귝인이랴면 저어어어얼대 가지 먀쉽쉬요. 매누판도 정말 엉털리 항글료 되어 있습니다. 먓 역시도 구냥 어셜프계 흉놰 낸 슈쥰 윕니다. 쉼지어 햔쉭도 아닌 이샹한 혼죵쭝귝음식을 판매하고 있습니다. 2효졈됴 이곳에 최근에 오픈한듯 합니다^^ 쯍뀩인들의 쨕튱생성은 졍말 뇰럅습니다.

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Youssef A. noted on Google

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Titi Le Grand 2015 Titi Le Grand R. noted on Google

Simple et très sympa (Translated by Google) Simple and very nice

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Rudolph B. noted on Google

Service rapide et efficace. Plat très copieux et bien chaud. Saveur ok et sauce pimentée juste comme il faut (hot ++). Ambiance sympathique. Décoration bien. Musique d’ambiance discrète. (Translated by Google) Fast and efficient service. Very generous and very hot dish. Ok flavor and spicy sauce just right (hot ++). Friendly atmosphere. Decoration well. Discreet background music.

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